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 Bored from Update

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Archduke Waffles

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PostSubject: Bored from Update   Tue Sep 09, 2008 11:36 am

HI!! I'm extremely bored waiting for the update to download so I thought I'd post a random blerb on here. Been reading over wiki and looking at items, etc and thought up a list of some stuff I'm hoping to get (but probably never will) for my DRG.
-Homam Body, Legs, and Feet
-Hecatomb Body,Hands, and Feet
-Ares Body
-Love Torque
-Swift Belt
-Rajas and Ulthalam Rings
-Brutal and Etheral Earrings

Yea so w00t or something, only 3 more hours of updating.

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Bored from Update
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