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 Mr. Kero goes to Anthrocon!

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Mr. Kero goes to Anthrocon! Empty
PostSubject: Mr. Kero goes to Anthrocon!   Mr. Kero goes to Anthrocon! I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 29, 2008 5:43 pm

I came, I went, I yiffed. '3' Nawt. <--- news coverage in Pittsburgh of Anthrocon with an explanation of what exactly furries are.

As for me, I found a friend that I had met online. She's a fursuiter who makes her own fursuits. Such a coveted ability in this type of "profession" is so useful. She managed to turn $200 worth of materials into this black and white wolf:

Mr. Kero goes to Anthrocon! 100_0350

However, meeting up with her was more than a good idea, when the topic of her second fursuit came up. It was new to the internet as of Wednesday, a day before the convention. I was the one to debut Logan, a pink and green sabre-toothed lion.

Mr. Kero goes to Anthrocon! 100_0295
That's me in the suit, with my arm over the creator, who I shall refer to as her fursona, Makki.

Of course, I took the cumbersome head off a little after putting it on, because we were tempted to take a picture with a naginata that my friend bought at the convention; why a furry convention would have a vendor that sold blades, I don't know.

Mr. Kero goes to Anthrocon! 100_0293

But before I donned the suit, I found a rainbow-neckerchief'd ferret I had to pose with. Ghey fox with a ghey ferret.

Mr. Kero goes to Anthrocon! 100_0283

Well, that's me on the left. My friend is on the right. Very Happy

Aaand after I decided to see how hard it was to get up in the suit after falling down, I couldn't get up!

Mr. Kero goes to Anthrocon! 100_0302

Now, random pictures.

Mr. Kero goes to Anthrocon! 100_0309
Mr. Kero goes to Anthrocon! 100_0290
Mr. Kero goes to Anthrocon! 100_0245
Mr. Kero goes to Anthrocon! 100_0240
Mr. Kero goes to Anthrocon! 100_0224

>Surprised Yeah. That's what happened. June 28th. It's pretty much been a month exactly since it happened. I want to go back, though. And for more than one day. Besides, I missed the drug-free rave. xP I use that term because it was a dance, where all the lights were off, lasers were goin', etc. :X But the abundant amount of security wouldn't allow silly things to happen. Especially something to shame the $2.5 million that Anthrocon makes for Pittsburgh every year, on average.

Oh, I should have gotten a picture of me using a straw with the pink lion head on. :X It got really hot in the suit, so I had to drink water out of one of those Dixie cups. I ended up having a sucking contest with Makki (not what you think). Turns out I suck the hardest--er... drink the fastest.
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Mr. Kero goes to Anthrocon!
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