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 Dariuax Chronicles: The New Adventurer!!!

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Dariuax Chronicles: The New Adventurer!!! Empty
PostSubject: Dariuax Chronicles: The New Adventurer!!!   Dariuax Chronicles: The New Adventurer!!! I_icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2008 2:55 am

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Soloing in Sarutabaruta... Not the best place to start a WAR, but the atmosphere is so calm and relaxing.
Sometimes you just gotta stop and smell the...ew...Chocobo turds... No wonder I smelled Gashyl...

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Doing my part to contain the Mad Fox epidemic by "Spear-heading" the operation: HUMAN SHIELD!! I saved lives that day... And I got a cookie! Very Happy

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My first walk out this far from Windy. Even the Rabbits wanted to kick my ???...
I stumbled across some Poltergiest that killed me... Evidently, poking them with your sword then yelling: "Begone, Evil spawn of SATAN!!!"

...Doesn't leave time to run...
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Dariuax Chronicles: The New Adventurer!!!
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