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 Feliciax's Quest for the Lu Shang Rod.

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Feliciax's Quest for the Lu Shang Rod. Empty
PostSubject: Feliciax's Quest for the Lu Shang Rod.   Feliciax's Quest for the Lu Shang Rod. I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 28, 2008 4:26 am

Okay, all I'm doing here is posting how my quest for Lu Shang's rod is coming. I'll update this whenever I go fishing.

Last update: Friday, July 18

Moat/Forest Carp turned in: 511 (5.11% complete)
Current rod using: Halcyon Rod
Current bait using: Little Worm
Current Fishing Lv.: 14
Current Sanity Lv.: Arrow
Fish donated: 12
Fish farmed: 499
Fish bought: 0

People who have donated fish...
Dlion: 12 (Thank you.)

Please keep your fingers crossed for me as I take this long journey to obtain the next to best rod in the game. Very Happy

Due to the possible number of posts this quest could have me make, I will be editing this post whenever I feel an update needs to be made. Check back often. Smile
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Feliciax's Quest for the Lu Shang Rod.
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