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 Waffle's blonde jokes

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Waffle's blonde jokes Empty
PostSubject: Waffle's blonde jokes   Waffle's blonde jokes I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 24, 2008 5:07 pm


a blonde walks into a store and tells the clerk "i want to buy that tv"

the clerk says "we dont sell to blonds"

she gets pissed, goes home and puts on a brunette wig and comes back

"i want to buy that tv"

the clerk says "we dont sell to blondes"

she says how did you know i was a blonde

the clerk says "cause its a fuckin microwave"


a blonde crashes her car into a wall, the cop gets there and asks what happened

she says i swerved to avoid a tree and there was another tree, i swerved to avoid that and then there was another tree and i swerved to avoid that and then i crashed into the wall

the cop says there arn't any trees on this road for 10 miles, that was your fucking air freshner
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Waffle's blonde jokes
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